Solidarity Sunday's Mother's Day Challenge

Solidarity Sunday's Mother's Day Challenge supporting Circle of Health International
Circle of Health International

How Your Support Helps

Our Fundraising goal is $5,250. This number represents the number of women in May in the U.S. who will experience extreme pregnancy-related complications requiring medical interventions. COHI makes our impact through local, women-led community partners. We follow their lead in procurement of supplies and these partners are the ones to distribute the supplies to their communities since they are closest to those who are the most in need. What does $5,250 do?

  • $60 provides a month of prenatal vitamins which can reduce maternal anemia.
  • $250 pays for Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) for mamas of color who choose to time their subsequent pregnancies. Contraception distributed
    at a postpartum visit can enable a mama's body to recover from the
    depletion of a previous pregnancy before becoming pregnant again.
  • $1000 pays for a scholarship for a postpartum doula of color. According to
    the Texas Maternal Task Force a lack of postpartum support for mothers
    of color is one of the primary dangers for this population. More doulas
    in this community will make a difference in addressing this.
  • About Circle of Health International (COHI)

    Circle of Health International (COHI) aligns itself with local, community based organizations led and powered by women. We respond to the requests of these leaders, who are best suited to know and advise on the needs of the women and children that they serve. ​

    COHI aims to support these local partners through our provision of professional and clinical volunteers, medical and community capacity training, the procurement of requested and appropriate supplies and equipment, and by raising funds for the organizations to provide the services that women and children require.

    COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world by providing disaster relief, supplies, professional training and supporting social enterprise. To learn more, visit​

    This May, in honor of Mother's Day, Solidarity Sundays is proud to partner again with Circle of Health International (COHI) to raise money to address the disparities in maternal health in the U.S. for women of color. COHI is run by an Austin SolSun host, Sera Bonds. Sera and Solidarity Sundays worked together to raise money last fall after the Northern California fires, and raised over $3000 for the Undocufund, which provided support to undocumented families affected by the fires.

    Every year in the U.S., nearly 900 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes. The divergent trends of mothers surviving pregnancy and labor highlight the disproportionate perinatal racial and ethnic disparities in this country. The American medical system has failed to adequately address maternal mortality that disproportionately affects black women.

    Black mothers in the U.S. die at 3x the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women's health. Put another way, a black woman is 22% more likely to die from heart disease than a white woman, 71% more likely to perish from cervical cancer, and 243% more likely to die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes.

    Women of color have long experienced stark health disparities in pregnancy related complications. The root causes stem from a dark history of institutional violence, racism, and discrimination. This includes the lack of access to high-quality, affordable health insurance and care and, for some, a lingering mistrust of the medical community based on decades of mistreatment.

    Let's see what the Solidarity Sundays community can do for mamas of color in the U.S. this May!